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Jenny Thompson Reveals Dirt On Rooney and Balotelli Illicit Affairs

Wayne Rooney must be shooting himself in the foot following revelations by escort girl turned celebrity Jenny Thompson over their illicit affair. In a rare interview on Monday, Thompson was quoted saying that Balotelli surpassed Rooney in ‘every way’.

“Wayne may be the better footballer but when it comes to performance off the pitch Mario beats him in every way.” she said.

“You’d think most blokes wouldn’t want to sleep with the same woman one of their mates or colleagues had but to be honest Mario seemed to love the fact I’d slept with Wayne.”

Following the interview, WAGs of players united to run her out of town after her home wrecker reputation came to light.  Through their spokesperson, the WAGs told the Daily Star,

All the partners of players at clubs in the North-West have teamed up to tip off each other if they see or hear she’s in a club where their men might be going to.

“Once the alert has gone out, the WAGs will make sure their man doesn’t go to the club or bar where Jenny is, or they get someone to keep a close eye on their man and make sure he doesn’t get caught up in her arms.”

So what does this have to do with football you ask? Nothing at all in fact, if anything, it would be the perfect story for some tabloid magazine somewhere. However sometimes, it is good to know (for your own self analysis) the character of the game’s so called stars.

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