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Jankulovski Refuses To Leave Milan

AC MilanDespite being the subject of Ac Milan’s transfer market with Genoa and doesn’t seem to feature on Massimiliano Allegri’s plan, Marek Jankulovski still insist that he won’t be leaving the club this summer.

Speaking to the press in a recent interview, the Czech defender revealed that despite there’s a chance he might not see the field this season, he has no plan of leaving San Siro before his current contract ends.

“I want to stay at Milan, I’m fine here. I am aware of the choices of the coach, but I have a contract and the Club must respect my choice. “Jankulovski said to the press.

Jankulovski’s latest statement pretty much hinted the possibility that he won’t be going away from the San Siro this season and want to stay until 2011, where his with Milan contract supposedly ends. Moreover, the 33-years-old left back’s stubbornness in refusing to move from Via Turatti could also mean that the Rossoneri won’t be able to sign Genoa’s Salvatore Bochetti.

Previously, there was a plan from the Milan’s management to make a deal with Genoa by exchanging Jankulovski with Bochetti. As the talks gets into serious phase with the Grifonne were also tempted by the offer, the deal gets stalled as the Czech once again refused to be sold or becoming part of any kind of deal.

Not only rejecting Genoa’s offer, the former Udinese player reportedly has also rejected previous proposals from Sampdoria and even Inter last season. There hasn’t been any concrete reports about Jankulovski’s reason in staying put in Milan despite haven’t been getting lots of playing time since last season. However, rumors stated that one of the main consideration for the Czech international to stay in Milan is because of family reasons.

Seeing from the latest pre-season matches done by Milan, there’s a big chance that Jankulovski alongside Kakha Kaladze will be the players that won’t be used by Allegri. Both of them have been consitently left out by the new coach in the Rossoneri’s latest pre-season games after performing really awful in the club’s first test against Varese on July 25.

Creative Commons License photo credit: VanDammeMaarten.be