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Ivory Coast's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Pour me some wine please!
Creative Commons License photo credit: yashima

The Glass is Half Empty

Will Drogba be fit to perform at the highest level this summer or will the often injured Chelsea superstar not even play in the event because of being worn down by the Premier League?  Will Drogba be able to wow us like he did early in the EPL this season or will his side make a quick exit out of the Cup in 3 matches?  The Ivory Coast is the best African nation and I’m not sure if any other African squad has ever received such respect from the odds makers before in the World Cup.  Still no African team has ever won and even though it is being played in Africa this year it will likely remain that way for some time.  Drogba is great when he is healthy, but will he be fit this summer?  I doubt it.   

The Glass is Half Full

Drogba will be fit and he will perform at the highest of levels, but what will make the Ivory Coast the first African Cup champions will be not the Chelsea star, but the rest of their impressive roster.  Not only is Drogba the best African player in the world, but his team is the best in his nation’s history.  Ivory Coast is on  potential path to greatness because of their depth not their star uptop.   Yaya Toure and Kalou, and Zakora are all excellent players and will help the team win even if Drogba is missing some action.  And playing in their home continent will inspire fans to root on the African favorites this summer.  The Ivory Coast just might be the team that takes advantage of the stadium environment this summer and scores some goals.