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Ivory Coast Through to South Africa

For all African football fans out there it is great to know that powerhouse Ivory Coast are through to the Finals of the world cup thanks to none other Didier Drogba. His 67th minute equaliser in Malawi was enough to send the Elephants down South for the biggest tournament on the face of the earth.


Being the highest ranked team in Africa according to the FIFA coca cola rankings, a world cup without them would just be unimaginable. The news only gets better with Cameroon humbling Togo 3-0 to keep them on track for an appearance in SA. Egypt also prevailed but only just against Zambia wining by a slim 1-0 margin.


This is good for Africa. We need to send out strong teams for this tournament if we are to have any chance of  wining it. It is now or never for us, if we don’t win this cup at home, we should not be fooled into thinking we can win it elsewhere. We have what it takes to be crowned champions and to have the whole world Mesmerised at how did.


However,we must not be over-confident. All the other 32 teams will not want to walk away without a fight. Sure we have strong sides in the likes of Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Egypt but there are also the likes of Brazil, Italy, USA and Argentina to deal with. However,  you should not be surprised to see an African side in the final. It might just happen.