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It’s “He Said, She Said” With Barca and Arsenal

3 CaptainsI think that Barcelona and Arsenal are circling the boxing ring and sizing each other up through the media.  One day it’s “Barca this” and the next it’s “Arsenal that” and now Toure is in on the action saying that he understands how great Cesc Fabregas is.  Well, I hope he does.

At this point is it really news that professional athletes on opposing teams have a scouting report for their opponent?  This seems more like a media war where players on each team think they need to build themselves up in the media before the match.  Is this sort of thing really necessary?  Moreover, don’t the players on both teams realize that it kind of doesn’t matter that they SAY to the media that they understand the threat?

Wouldn’t it be much more meaningful if they actually PLAYED like it come match-time?  These two teams are going to run at each other and hope something sticks.  When Toure says that Messi, for him, is the #1 player in the world–he’s right.  That also doesn’t mean that Cesc is “chopped-liver”–it just means Messi is better.

I would be a little more impressed if we were getting “media scouting reports” on lesser players on each team.  I’d like to hear about a strong defenseman, or a goalie who blocks and saves everything.  That’s interesting!  Being told that 2 of the best players in the world are dangerous is like telling me the sky is blue!

I know these guys are giving some of the “non-answer answers” but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little honest about the match otherwise.  Besides, you don’t give “non-answer answers” until the match is actually going on and none of these dudes talk to the media during the matches anyway.

All I’m saying is–be honest and tell us something we don’t already know.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker

By the way–fire is hot!