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It’s A Record People!!!

There are plenty of records that exist that we either do not know about or even care about enough to know exist in the first place.  There even is a book dedicated to these mindless records that insane people covet as if earning one of these records would make them an important celebrity or something.  The record that was recently recorded in Serie A is one of these unfortunate records.

Five managers have been sacked from their jobs so far this Serie A season including two in the last week (Papadopulo of Bologna and Ruotolo of Livorno).  There has only been eight games so far this year, so at this rate their will be no original managers left by the end of the year.  I am sure some clubs will opt to keep their manager, but isn’t this rate of firing people a little bit fast? 

First off, most of the managers fired are the clubs that make up the bottom of the league table.  This should be no surprise because it is not often that a coach gets fired for winning, but many of these struggling squads were expected to struggle at the beginning of the year.  Why not give the old coach a chance to turn around the team’s fortune before he gets the axe?

Now most of these coaches were fired for different reasons none of which I will closely examine.  But to me firing a coach that is in control of a losing team seems like a lose-lose situation.  If you can eventually fend off the relegation zone by season’s end then I think that would be considered a job well done in Livorno or Bologna’s cases. 

But removing a coach from his position can change some things up too.  Look at Roma since they fired their coach.  They’ve improved dramatically.  But change isn’t always such a great thing either.  You can change from a bad club int0 terrible one if the wrong move is made in some cases.