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Italy’s Golden Boy

No its not Totti, nor is it Del Piero. I know you may not have heard of him but reading this profile will definitely show  you just why he was a darling of the Italians back in the sixties and seventies. To those who are old enough, then you will recall just how talented this Milan player was.

I am a fan of Italian football and while researching on great Italian stars of the past i came across the name Gianni Rivera.What really caught my eye about this one player in particular was his transfer fee.

Gianni Rivera was born on August 18 1943 in Italy. Now what you will read next is not a hoax. AC Milan paid his first club Alessandria a whooping 65,000 pounds for just half a share in him! This was in the late fifties.

In 1961 the club signed him permanently and this proved to be a good decision as he helped the rossoneri win a world club cup, two champions cups, two cup winners cups, three Italian cups not to mention the numerous Italian leagues they won.

In 1969, he was named the European player of the year. Rivera’s 16 years with Milan endeared him in the hearts of fans worldwide. And no i am not that old i just found some piece of information that i thought you might like to know.