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Italy’s Finest World Cup Squads: Preview

The Italian National Team is one of soccer’s most historically dominant teams and the current World Cup champion. In addition to its recent victory in Germany in 2006, the squad has won three other World Cups, meaning they trail only Brazil in total titles won. The team has undoubtedly been one of the globe’s greatest and most consistent sides.

But which 8 Italian World Cup teams were the best? That is the question I hope to answer for you SATO readers out there over the  next four days. I have researched all 16 squads Italy has ever sent to the World Cup in order to narrow them down to the 8 best and then rank those 8 pursuant to their amazing feats of soccer prowess.

Here are the questions I asked myself when looking at the teams:

  1. Did the team feature legendary players?
  2. Did the team produce a successful result?
  3. Did the team not only win, but dominate? 

Based on these three criteria, I have concocted a list of the eight greatest Italian World Cup squads in history. Now, compiling this ranking was no easy task, mind you. The Azzurri have always sent fantastic teams to the World Cup and none of their 16 squads were composed of pushovers. In fact, most of their teams were flat out intimidating.

It was a difficult task, but I have foolishly tried to rank the best eight Italian World Cup teams in history anyways. If I left a deserving squad out, please let me hear about it in the comments. Until then, please return to SATO over the next four days (two squads per day will be discussed) to hear about Italy’s eight finest World Cup squads.