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Italy Wins Over Georgia, Next Up Bulgaria

It is always a strange score to see, but Italy was able to take home a win over the weekend despite the struggling offense not being able to score.  Italy put enough pressure on Georgia that the club did not need to score though.  Georgia would do all the scoring for the World Cup champs when AC Milan defender and Georgia national team starter Kakha Kaladze would have the most disappointing game ever by a player that scored multiple goals. Kaladze in two different occurrences accidentally knocked the ball into his own country’s net.  The two own goals came in the second half of competition and put the over-matched club away for good.

And Italy is in a strong position with only a few matches left in the qualifier.  The club is on top of the Group Eight table and with a win over third place Bulgaria on Wednesday, the club will be nearly within a secured World Cup spot.  In seven matches Italy remains unbeaten with five victories and two draws.  The seventeen points in the table is the most by a single point.  Ireland is currently the second best squad although the club has played in one more match then the leading club.

Italy’s defense has been as strong as it was last cup only allowing three goals so far in the seven matches.  That result is the third best in the European bracket.  Unfortunately, Italy needs to get the offensive side of the ball rolling.  The club only has eleven goals in the seven matches including the two goals scored by Georgia over the weekend.