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Italians Arrive Home

If there is one thing i like about the Italian national side, it has to be there confidence. The Azzurri were so confident going into the World Cup that some of there players even had the word World Champions Tattooed on their arm. Imagine that!

Now that they are out of the tournament, Vicenzo Iaquinta will definitely be seeing his doctor as early as tomorrow to get it out. Italy arrived home to one of the most dullest and sullen receptions yet.

With very few fans on hand waiting to receive them, Lippi and his boys knew that they would experience the wrath of the Azzurri fans the moment they got of the plane. True to his expectations, Lippi had a hard time making it to his vehicle as the fans hurled abuses and hit before the authorities managed to get him in the car.

“Shame on you! What a disgrace, you should be ashamed!” These were the words that Lippi had to endure as he made his way to his get away car. This was one of the worst performances by the Italian national side and the fans did not hesitate to make their feelings known.

Cesare Prandelli is expected to take over in July 1st and some players were confident that he would do a fantastic job.

“Yes we are all bitter with what happened. Prandelli? Yes I know him well,” Pazzini said. Focus now shifts to Euro 2012 and the Italians hope that with a new coach and younger players coming into the squad, they will be a formidable side in the European championships.