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ITA MNT Mission 2010: Preview Edition

Briefing: Gentlemen, please open your dossiers and prepare to learn about your objective. Before the May 17, 2009 deadline, I will be revealing the names of the 13 most integral agents of a clandestine organization known only as the “MNT”. Your duty is to learn about these agents’ skills, actions and tasks in preparation for Mission 2010.

Every day, return to this location at this exact time so you can be brought up to speed on the identities of the MNT members.

Special Skills: The MNT is a covert force of operatives who have created international crises for other nations around the globe since 1934. They are known throughout the world as the most stifling, intimidating agency ever created. While their attacking prowess has never been as celebrated as much as some other organizations (like the BRA MNT), no squad anywhere in the world is better at protecting its net. Thus, the MNT is a Mission 2010 favorite.

International Actions: The MNT has been the second most successful agency ever when it comes to fulfilling their WC objectives. In 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006, they successfully defeated their international opponents and eliminated all of their targets. Because they were victorious in thoroughly infiltrating Germany during Mission 2006, many people expect them to perform well during Mission 2010 in Africa. The stakes are high, but are they ready?

Mission: Your mission is to return to SATO over the next two weeks to receive briefings on the MNT members. The MNT’s mission, should they decide to accept it, is to bring honor and glory to ITA by besting their international foes at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. In the event they fail to perform as expected during Mission 2010, their fans will disavow all knowledge of their actions. Good luck and God speed. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.