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ITA MNT Mission 2010: Agent Zambrotta

Briefing: Agent Gianluca Zambrotta (aka “The Zamboni”) is a defender for the MNT who has been flattening opponents for the agency since 1999. He is also known as “The Mermaid” due to his love of self-grooming (no joke). He will have to pull himself away from the mirror soon, because he will be a core member of the team’s Mission 2010.

Special Skills: Agent Zambrotta is best known as a right back, but his speed allows him to overlap the midfield and join the attack as a deadly winger. He has played professionally in Italy for most of his career and he is now with Milan, but he did perform a few operations in Spain for Barcelona. He’s had success everywhere he has played. 

International Actions: Agent Zambrotta has appeared in over 80 games for the MNT and he was a member of the squad for both Mission 2002 and Mission 2006. He performed so well during Mission 2006 he was named to the tournament’s Best XI. He is one of the team’s most flexible members, so he will likely be utilized often in 2010.

Mission: Agent Zambrotta’s mission, should he decide to accept it, will be to hold down the right side of the defense for the MNT. He will also be expected to get forward when possible to help assist the team’s attack on the enemy’s net. Since he will be 33, he also needs to stay fit so as to never tire in 2010. This message will self destruct in five seconds.