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ITA MNT Mission 2010: Agent Toni

Briefing: Agent Luca Toni (aka “Toni the Tiger”) has been a member of the MNT since 2004 and seems to be one of Director Lippi’s favorite agents. In fact, Agent Toni’s first cap for the Azzurri came during the first game Director Lippi was at the team’s helm. While some have questioned his dedication, he is a prolific scorer, which the MNT needs.

Special Skills: Agent Toni currently is involved in professional operations in Germany with Bayern Munich, but he spent most of his career in Italy with a slew of Serie A sides. His imposing size (6’5″) allows him to play as a physical forward and get his head on crosses other men could never reach. Some games, he seems to score whenever he likes.

International Actions: Agent Toni has appeared in more than 40 missions for the MNT and he has scored more than 15 goals. During Mission 2006, he played an important role and scored a brace against the team’s Ukranian enemies during the Quarterfinals. He has been called up for some 2010 qualifiers and looks to be headed to Africa. 

Mission: Agent Toni’s  mission, should he decide to accept it, will be to serve as the MNT’s target striker during Mission 2010. He will not be asked to snuff out the enemy attack. In fact, Director Lippi would probably prefer he stay near the opponent’s net in order to poach easy goals for the MNT. This message will self destruct in five seconds.