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ITA MNT Mission 2010: Agent Rossi

Briefing: Agent Giuseppe Rossi (aka “Benedicto Arnoldo”) is a 22 year old playmaker, and thus he is one of the MNT’s few “young guns” as Mission 2010 approaches. He has only recently received attention from the agency, but he has performed well in his limited chances and was a star for the U-21 squad. If Director Lippi wants a youthful agent, he will select Rossi.

Special Skills: Agent Rossi looks tiny (5’8″) when compared to many other elite agents, but his small size, when coupled with his blinding speed, allows him to elude larger, slower defenders. He has been an amazingly dynamic force with Spanish pro club Villarreal and has scored a goal in nearly half the matches he has appeared in so far.

International Actions: Agent Rossi has thus far had limited opportunities with the MNT due to his age and he has only managed to earn three appearances with the first team. He is actually from New Jersey and could have played for the US, but he chose to play for his parents’ homeland instead. Director Lippi could still fear he is a double agent. 

Mission: Agent Rossi’s mission, should he decide to accept it, will likely be to provide the MNT with a second half spark in a substitute role during Mission 2010. While many feel he should start, the agency is so stacked with talent, it is unlikely he will work his way up the ladder that quickly. But, he could provide the MNT with fresh legs late in Mission 2010 matches to put the agency over the top and help them earn their record-tying 5th WC trophy. This message will self destruct in five seconds.