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ITA MNT Mission 2010: Agent Cannavaro

Briefing: Agent Fabio Cannavaro (aka “Capitano”) is the MNT’s leader and its most decorated member. He’s won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award (the only defender to do so) and has been named to the World Best XI roster twice. He spent most of his professional career in Italy’s Serie A, but now he is abroad in Spain with Real Madrid.

Special Skills: Agent Cannavaro is a uniquely talented center back. He is especially known for his physical style and great vision, both of which allow him to intercept several passes per match. Most amazing of all though is the fact that Agent Cannavaro has had such unparalleled success as a center back despite his relatively diminuitive size (5’9″).

International Actions: Agent Cannavaro has been a member of the MNT since 1997 and he has 124 caps for the squad. He played a huge role during Mission 2006, participating in every match. His amazing physical performance resulted in him receiving several awards, including the Ballon d’Or in addition to the above mentioned trophies.

Mission: Agent Cannavaro’s mission, should he decide to accept it, will be to once again lead the MNT in its journey for international glory during Mission 2010. By the time South Africa comes around though, he will be 36 years old, so some people fear he may be too old to successfully serve the squad. This message will self destruct in five seconds.