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Isn’t The “Vote Of Confidence” Not Really A Vote Of Confidence?

Panoramica 002 - Estadio Santiago Benabeu
Creative Commons License photo credit: ArchiM

Real Madrid thought they might be able to play a “home final” for the Champion’s League.

Real Madrid got blown out of the Champion’s League by Lyon–at home–and now the team is reeling and the front office figured it had to make a stand.  So, they did what most teams do.  They made a statement:

“We will respect him{Pellegrini} because we believe in his work, although we know that the coach of Madrid is always accompanied by controversy.  He has a contract for next season and the plan is that he will continue being our coach. The season hasn’t finished and there are still things to fight for.”

I’d like to reword that:

“We know we spent all this damn money on this team and this dude just let us get our hats handed to us in the Champion’s League, but we’re going to say he’s our guy and he better pray that he figures out a way to win the Premier Division or heads will roll.”

This vote of confidence thing–isn’t it the warning sign of a firing?  We’ll get behind this guy just to play out the season and then sack him the first chance we get when the season’s over?  It would be perfect for Real Madrid because:

–  The World Cup is coming up and the Pellegrini firing would get lost in the shuffle

–  They could go to the World Cup and recruit new coaches easily

–  The players won’t have time to be upset because many of them will be playing the World Cup

Now, I’m not saying that he should be fired–far from it–but I AM saying that we see this “vote of confidence” thing all the time and here it is again.

The most telling part–for me–was the “still things to fight for” part.  That’s where I got “He better find a way to win the Premier Division”.  If he doesn’t then this might be it.