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Is Yaya Toure Looking To Join A Big Club?

Some Manchester City fans are no doubt still celebrating winning their first title in over 40 years, but the comments from Yaya Toure’s agent could end the party atmosphere.

Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk’s was interviewed on Spanish radio on Tuesday and this is what he had to say:

“Toure has done all he can do at City and needs new motivations. He would like a new challenge. He would not cost much.

“He could sign for many big clubs, like Chelsea or Bayern Munich. We would like to see Barcelona join the race.”

Toure, along with Carlos Tevez, are believed to be the highest paid players in the Premier League at around £260,000 a week. Toure still has three years left on his City contract, so I disagree with Seluk’s quote that he would not cost much.

And I am sure that Man United fans will get some enjoyment out of Seluk’s implied statement that the Premier League champions are not as big a club as Chelsea.

To me, Toure has been one of Man City’s best signings. When he drives forward from midfield, like he did in the derby match a couple of weeks ago, he is unstoppable. Nobody has his power and strength. For City to lose Toure would be a massive blow, not only in trying to replace him, but also what kind of signal does it send to other stars that City are looking to sign, that Yaya Toure wants to leave Man City already?