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Is Wayne Rooney pushing for a move away from Manchester United?

The young English striker, signed by Manchester United several seasons ago from Everton, appears to be unhappy with the manager of his club, Sir Alex Ferguson. Wayne Rooney has apparently been carrying an ankle injury since the end of the UEFA Champions League quarter final clash against Bayern Munich in Germany on March the 30th but Wayne Rooney has now cast this suggestion aside. Wayne Rooney is insisting he has been fit all season and has no injury problems at all and that the reason he is struggling with his form is because he is not playing frequently enough, at the behest of his club manager Sir Alex Ferguson. This claim alone is not surprising in the slightest but it is the fact that the young forward has chosen to contradict his managers words. Sir Alex Ferguson has maintained that his player is carrying an injury, perhaps as a means to protect him from criticism about his poor form for his club and to justify, to some extent, his poor form at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa for England.

At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa Wayne Rooney failed to score a single goal for his country. A few weeks later it transpired that the young Englishman had been experiencing problems off of the football field, relating to his sexual discrepancies in relation to his marriage. Several tabloid newspaper stories appeared stating that Wayne Rooney had been unfaithful to his wife Coleen Rooney and that their marriage, one of the most famous in the United Kingdom, was in trouble.

Wayne Rooney’s previous and subsequent poor form was explained away by a combination of his ankle injury and off the field problems. Sir Alex Ferguson’s consistent insistence that his player was injured was, it now seems apparent, a clear strategy to deflect attention away from the players personal problems. Courtesy of Sir Alex Ferguson’s insistence the players poor form was because of his ankle injury and not his personal problems. That Wayne Rooney should choose to come out, optionally, and say that his manager has been lying all along and he has not had ankle problems for the last few months suggests the player is unhappy at his treatment at Old Trafford. Very few players have been able to contradict Sir Alex Ferguson and stay at Old Trafford. Wayne Rooney is unlikely to be shown the door because of these comments but his attempt to portray his manager, one of English football’s greatest ever managers, in a bad light intimates that he is dissatisfied.

This might well be the first step in Wayne Rooney pushing for a transfer away from the Manchester club. It is well known that he is yet to sign a contract extension at the club and he is approaching the end of his current contract.