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Is This A Joke?

Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva claims that Steven Gerrard is more of a  better player if compared to his compatriot Kaka. This must be the biggest joke of the year. No disrespect to  any Liverpool fans out there but it will take Gerrard the rest of his career to reach the level Kaka was  playing at while in Milan.

Lucas claims that Gerrard’s versatility gives him the edge over Kaka. That his defensevie duties make him indispensable. Now Gerrard is a highly talented player that i do not doubt, what makes me disagree with this whole  idea is the fact that Gerrard is a lukewarm player. Stevie only gives sterling performances  in the EPL, and occasionally in Europe.Kaka while still in Milan was one of Europe’s dominant players.

Winning the Ballon D’or and the FIFA world player of the year in one season is no mean feat. Makes you wonder why Gerrard has not been able to win these two prestigious awards if he is such a good player. Whether he was playing in the league or in Europe you could be sure that Ricardo Kaka’s presence on the pitch would be felt.

These two players may not be playing at their best this season but the one thing that still holds weight is that Kaka is way better than Gerrard at least according to me.

Photo credit: Stemph