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Is Ribery the Biggest Potential Transfer this Summer?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Evalia England

Frenchman Franck Ribery just might be the most wanted footballer in the world this upcoming transfer window.  With many of the great footballers just moving to a new squad and many squads proving to be thrifty during these tough economic times, Ribery is one of the few big names you hear brought up for a big signing this summer.

Now of course you can’t accurately predict the transfer market until it unfolds, so a few big names will wind up elsewhere.  For example Sergio Aguero of Atletico Madrid has been often linked with a move to Chelsea.  And Valencia’s two stars (Villa, Silva) are critical to their success and will not likely be sold.  And Liverpool’s Torres is often linked to a Man City move as well.  But you never really do know who will end where. 

In fact Ribery himself is wondering that same exact thing.  And supposedly by the end of this March Ribery will know where he will play next season.  Ribery in a conversation with France Football magazine said this regarding his potential transfer future:

I haven’t signed anything with anybody yet. Last season, I had many possibilities with Manchester (United), Real, Barcelona or Chelsea.  ‘I hope I’ll have the same ones plus Bayern next summer. Things can go one way or another.

It seems like a win-win situation for the Frenchman.  All four of those squads would compete for any title in any tournament that they enter.  And having a guy like Ribery to add to the roster would only help.  We will keep you posted on where Ribery is rumored to be going. 

Who knows he might not end up going anywhere.