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Is Real Madrid's Transfer-Mania Going To Help Or Hurt?

Real Madrid spent the summer spending their money.  REALLY spending their money.  After forking over 136 Million Euros on Ronaldo and Kaka’ the boys in Madrid didn’t stop.  They also acquired Karim Benzema in a move that could only compete with the New York Yankees.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think the club is trying to live up to the moniker “Los Galacticos” a bit too literally.  Honestly, it’s early and even though Madrid is near the top of the Premier Division I’m not sure how long that will last.  All the talent in the world can’t save you if your club is massively in debt, lacking at other positions because you spent some much money on just a few players, and you are reeling from not winning it all last season.

Superstars do not a team make when the game moves slowly and only has one ball…

If this is a knee-jerk reaction…it was a bad one.  Think about it.  How long has it been since the Yankees won the World Series?  When did they run dry?  {Right about the time they started spending too much money on too many people}  Will this sort of drought begin for Madrid now that they have decided to put all their eggs in the “Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema basket”?

Just imagine the vicious cycle:

1.  Team spends lots of money on just a few players after not winning a title the season before.

2.  Team gets off to good start (as usual) and everyone is happy.  The transfers were genius moves!

3.  Team starts to look a little less than stellar and fans get angry.  Now the transfers were a fool’s errand.

4.  Team remembers that European Soccer fans aren’t screwing around and they try to shake up the club somehow (this usually involves firing the manager, acquiring another high-priced player, or moving around some insignificant players on the club in a bold roster move that actually nets loses and not wins.)

5.  Team fails to win a championship and the fans get really honked off (remember, European Soccer fans do NOT screw around) and then team goes into bankruptcy.  [Apparently, the team is 500 million Euros in debt.])

Now you see how quickly things can go bad.  I’m not wishing this on Real Madrid, but if they don’t deliver as “Los Galacticos” then they’re up the creek without a paddle this season…  Please gentlemen, don’t let your fans down, because I don’t want to be around when it goes bad.