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How Much Time Does Rafa Have To Improve Inter?

Recently I posted on that coaching for Inter this season was among the ten toughest pro coaching jobs in sports.

And I’m going to stand by that statement.

Rafa Benitez has yet to coach even half of an entire season with Inter Milan and the former Liverpool man already is rumored to be soon exiting the club by several Italian sources. Inter currently sit in 5th place on the league table, they recently lost to Tottenham in the Champions League and now sit in 2nd place in their group table, andthey just lost to AC Milan last weekend despite playing a considerable amount of the match up a man.

In other words there are obvious reasons why the Italian press is beginning to speculate Rafa’s exit and there is a lot at stake in the debut season of their new coach, but (on the other hand) there has only been 12 matches played. Firing a coach that has yet to finish even 1/3 of a full season would be too desperate of a move in my opinion andwhen you hire a new coach you have to consider a window of time for the coach to prove their worth to the club and also familiarize themselves with the organization and the roster.

Rafa did take over a historic treble winning side and the front office did at least maintain the crucial stars that made the club so great a year back, but injuries and a new manager’s tactics are setbacks that the franchise has to accept this season. Despite all the panic being written about Inter they are still only 6 points back from first place meaning two less matches won. Well there is still 26 matches yet to have been played and plenty of time to make up that ground over the course of the season.

The trend so far is not good for Inter andRafa’s name will likely continue to come up in the papers until the club reaches first place or at least turns there form around. Rafa has yet to have the answer and Inter have relied on several close victories to remain where they are in the league table, but if Rafa’s job should be safe for now with recent support voiced by team president Massimo Moratti, who claimed that the rumors of Rafa’s departure have been “invented” by the media:

I believe that is an invention of you journalists. I read it on the papers. There is no kind of traumatising decision, in any way whatsoever. The project we chose goes on, and there is total faith in Benitez, as I already said the other day. This doesn’t deny the fact that I am annoyed after a game like the one on Sunday, but it doesn’t change the club plans in any way whatsoever.