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Is Mourinho World’s Best Coach?

Think aboutSeriously, this guy knows his stuff.

And you have to hand it to him.  Sure he is sometimes a bit immature considering his wisedom as a manager.  Sure sometimes he is flatout obnoxious.  But at the end of the day the guy knows how to win and isn’t that all that really matters?

Jose Mourinho has faced the giants this Champions League and he has defeated every single one.  His old side Chelsea was no problem as Mourinho’s club trounced them by two goals.  Barcelona was a very similar story.  What is it about Inter Milan’s coach that gets his side more fired up then the opposition?

Sure he isn’t on the pitch and he didn’t score any of the goals.  He’s a coach and those things are not his place.  In fact Mourinho’s duty as a coach far surpass any of these issues.  His job is more difficult because he has to juggle all of these superstar’s egos and convince them that every match is critical and that every match needs to be fought for with their best effort.  It may sound easy, but it certainly isn’t.

Especially considering the fact that Mourinho’s own ego resides somewhere in the mix as well. 

But just like Lionel Messi, you can’t be declared the best ever at such a young age.  Sure what both of these men have done in their specific duties is unbelievable, but being the best takes years and sometimes decades of hard work and success.  Once the milestones have piled up to a Fergie or Pele size heap then the true debate begins.

But at the moment Mourinho is the world’s hottest coach and if he continues to bring good fortune to places that haven’t had a lot of it recently then legends are made.

And make no mistake of it.  Wherever the guy coaches next year, Mourinho has what it takes to become one of those few legends.   

Creative Commons License photo credit: dphuonq