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Is Messi the Greatest?

The Greatest
Creative Commons License photo credit: AchimH

If there is one thing in sports that makes we want to puke, its when a young professional athlete is either:

A) Compared to a legend


B) Considered even greater then these legends


But in the case of young Lionel Messi of Barcelona it just might be true.

For decades the NBA will clamor about if Lebron and Kobe surpassed Michael, and in golf before Tiger hit a fire hydrant it was all about him and the Golden Bear, and in soccer the illusive figure to surpass will always be Brazilian star Pele.

But what Messi is doing in the modern day is flatout unbelievable.  The Argentine forward already brought Spain their first ever treble and this year he might be doing even more to assure the greatness of his legacy.  And if you watched Messi’s first half performance against Arsenal in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal aggregate battle then you need no explanation to why many think he is the greatest ever.

In fact several Arsenal players have claimed this since the freakish first half hat trick performance by Messi.  And if you saw Messi’s chip over the keeper into the net to seal the match and further his three goal performance at the end of the half then all you can say is WOW!  Has a player ever accomplished as much as Messi has at such a young age. 

The man will likely be responsible for over 50 goals this year making my early season prediction of 50 not sound so silly now.  Some teams don’t even score 50 goals in a season and the guy will likely score about 40 goals and assist another 20 or so before the end of the year.  Messi is so good that his statistical line is better then some entire teams production.

And it should be.  Because although lowly teams like Xerez have11 players on the pitch none is Lionel Messi. 

And that apparently makes a very big difference.