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Is Inter the Pack Leader or the Lone Wolf?

Often when I browse the internet reading articles about each team I notice a trend in Serie A.  The trend is that each week (wherever you look) a columnist praises one of the top four regular title contenders (Juve, Fiorentina, Milan, or Roma) and claims that this might be the stretch that the squad needs to turn it around and make a title run.

Well what I am afraid of is if that chance has already passed these teams by.  

Is there a definitive second best squad in the league this season?  I think not.  The current trend seems to show that Inter is phenomenal and then there is about six or seven squads that are roughly three entire matches back from the giants.  Is a 7 point lead in November a good thing or a bad thing for these trailing squads?

On one hand it gives your struggling squad plenty of time to make up the points difference and win the title, but on the other hand if you already are three matches back from the leader after eleven then how far back are you going to be after 38 matches.  The answer is….. a lot.

I complain about this every once and awhile, but in the end it hurts leagues when their is not a competitive balance.  Genoa loses Diego Milito to Inter.  Yet they remain in seventh place.  That is a very impressive result, but imagine where they would be if they still had their best goal scorer.

Inter is a great team and don’t get me wrong they deserve to be crowned Serie A’s best squad.  But if the trend of the rich getting richer continues then being the best might not be as great as it once was.