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Is Inter Fading Away In League Play?

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax

With their recent successful run in the UEFA Champions League the popular pick by Serie A football critics recently has been for either Roma or AC Milan to pass Inter in the league table. 

The two reasons why many believe Inter will not hang onto first place is because: they have played poorly in league play recently and they will be extra tired from playing Champions League matches. 

All though these reasons do make sense, I still think that critics are forgetting one key factor.  This is Inter were talking about here!  Sure the club had a terrible March in league play and sure they watched their multiple match lead diminish into half of a match, but the season isn’t over yet and that means Inter still has time to bounce back from a little dry spell.

The biggest reason why I think Inter will hang on and win the Serie A title is because of this Champions League run not in spite of it. 

Let’s face it.  Sports is a funny subject and one part of it that is vital to success is confidence.  The club that thinks they can win often will.  And the better your club does in the Champions League then the better they feel about their season.  Sure this theory overlooks player’s day to day fitness and the revenge factor from being bumped from such a critical event (much like Milan was), but wouldn’t you rather have a chance of winning both titles rather then maybe a chance of winning one.

In other words advancing in the Champions League is never a bad thing.  Especially when your club is Inter and has been in first place all season long.