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Is Inter Becoming Eto’s Team?

Samuel Eto’o may have won a treble last season, but from most fans account the guy was pretty disappointing in his first season in Italy.

Eto’o was destined to disappoint considering the team and statistics he had accumulated over the years with Barcelona. At twenty nine years of age, Eto’o was in the same goal scoring class as any legend in Serie A and is at least four or five years younger then the long list of Italian stars.

But when Eto’o came to Italy a window of adjustment time would be needed for the African forward and often Mourinho preferred the burner out on the wing feeding the ball into the middle to Diego Milito, who scored an impressive 22 league goals last season and 6 in the Champions League. In all of his Champions League performances, Eto’o only managed to score 2 goals in the entire tournament although one would come as a critical finish against Chelsea in the quarterfinals. 12 league goals and 2 Champions League goals is all Eto’o would accomplish on paper last season as his projected total of somewhere in the 20 or even 30’s would remain untouched.

Well it is a new year and a new day for Samuel Eto’o in the 2010/2011 season. With Diego Milito missing plenty of action so far this season with various short term injuries, Eto’o has taken over that finisher label for the club and is off to a tremendous start. 6 league play goal puts the former Barcelona man in a tie for first place, but more impressively his 6 Champions League goals puts him in great position to take home the honor of UEFA”s Best Forward. In 3 matches this season Eto’o has six goals for his club with 2 coming just the other day against Tottenham in a narrow 4-3 victory. The Cameroon national team captain also scored 2 against Werder Bremen in a 4-0 route and 1 in a 2-2 draw against Twente Enschede.

It’s still very early in the season, but with 12 already on the board between the Champions League and Serie A matches, I’d say that Samuel Eto’o is the leading candidate for footballer of the year and that is very impressive considering they already possess last year’s Forward of the Year according to the UEFA. 

And guess what? His name isn’t Samuel Eto’o.