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Is Ibrahimovic Berlusconi’s Gift for Milan?

Not long ago Ac Milan’s president Silvio Berlusconi shouted an interesting statement regarding his club’s future stating that if there’s a chance he would try to bring in a world class champion to San Siro next summer. This statement manage to make the media busy thinking, wondering, guessing who is the perfect candidate that could be Berlusconi’s gift to Milanisti next season, among many names that are being mentioned lately, it looks like Barcelona’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic becomes the one that many suggest could be the “champion” the Rossoneri’s management promises to the fans.

The news regarding possible switch for Ibra comes heavily earlier this month, especially after Barcelona confirmed the signing of David Villa, from that moment on the press seemed eager to believe that the Swedish international would left the Catalan club and after Berlusconi shouted his statement, the media finally find some reasons to link the former Inter player with Milan. Although the reports was denied by Ill Diavolo Rosso’s president Adriano Galliani not long ago, revealing that Ibrahimovic’s wage would be the obstacle in concluding the deal, last weekend the rumors emerged again from the Spanish press that believes despite offers from Manchester City or even Arsenal, Spanish media seems convinced that the Swedish captain only has the desire to play for the Rossoneri if he decides to leave Barca.

That conclusion is actually something that would likely to be believed as many football fans knew Ibrahimovic is an ambitious player that has the passion for big clubs that has the chance to win titles especially the Champions League, surely that fact alone would exclude Manchester City as they won’t be playing at the prestigious competition next summer. That’s pretty much set Milan as the most suitable candidate for the Swedish striker, if he do decide to move away from the Catalan club, Ill Rossoneri’s history and tradition not to mention great environment surely moves Ibra’s heart. Not to mention before deciding to go to Inter, the Swedish striker actually has a verbal agreement with Milan that fell apart due to Calciopoli problem some times ago.

However, just like Galliani said, wages could be the biggest obstacle for Milan in getting Ibra to play for the Rossoneri next summer as the club at the moment is trying hard to cut down their extremely high wages budget. Surely the money issue is pretty much the biggest problem for clubs this days as there are only few football teams that can afford to pay high transfers and wages for their players and the Italian giant is not one of those few clubs but off course the possibility of Ibrahimovic to join the Italian Red Devil is still very much open. Personally I think that its all comes down to Berlusconi himself, if he still have the hots for Ibra like he did 2-3 seasons ago than the tall striker could as well be the gift he promised, but if the Italian Prime Minister believes there’s other players that caught his eyes with lower demands, then the former Juventus and Ajax bomber chances of coming to San Siro again would probably nothing more than media talks.