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Santos Reject Porto’s €8 million Bid For Ganso

Brazilian club Santos on Friday turned down an €8 million bid from Portuguese club FC Porto for their midfield wizard Paulo Henrique Ganso. However, what seems to be rubbing people the wrong way is club president Luis Alvaro Ribeiro’s comments where he labelled Porto’s bid as comical and that it should have at least contained an extra zero for Santos to consider it.

Speaking to Arena SporTV, Luis Alvaro Ribeiro was quoted as saying that proposals like Porto’s were tragic.

“We have no interest in opening talks with what was offered,” Ribeiro said.

“Proposals like these are comical, not to say tragic.

“I would say there was a typo, they forgot to put one zero in their bid.

“But I will respond to their offer on Monday, saying we have no interest and I will send a copy to the company which owns part of his economic rights.”

So Ganso really all that Santos are making him to be? Well, unlike Neymar who can almost single handedly change the face of a game, Ganso is more of a play maker.

He has the agility and pace to create goal scoring opportunities out of nothing and this is the key factor that has got many clubs lining up to get his signature. AC Milan and Tottenham are just a few of the clubs that have been linked with Ganso.

With the deal being called off at least until the summer, it gives Ganso more time to think through all the factors before making a decision. I say this because, it would be a shame to see Ganso go through the same experience Robinho went through.

Having being touted as the next Pele, Robinho’s career took a complete nose dive when he left Madrid for Man City. Of course there were other factors that led to his departure, however, his choice to move to City, has greatly affected his career.

Ganso can same suffer the same fate if he is not careful. Personally, i would like to see him move to Spain or Italy preferably with a big club. In order for him to be the best he has to play with the best. That is the only way he can improve.

Photo Credit  © nikefutebol