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Is Drogba Finished?

This a question many fans are asking after another poor display from the Blues last night. On his return to his former club Olympique Marseille, there was a lot of excitement and expectation that Drogba would be a key part of  Chelsea’s victory.

That did not happen and the blues now remain win less in their last 7 matches. According to double d, everything changed when the ref reversed his decision to hand Chelsea a penalty.

“It’s difficult. He changed his mind, he gave a penalty and then he said that Florent [Malouda] dived, but if he dived you have to give him a yellow card so it’s not usual to change a decision like this,”

The decision ended Chelsea’s unbeaten run in the competition while further compounding the problems for Ancelotti.

“When you take a decision I think you have to stick to it and it changed the game because I think 1-0 to us is a different game.”

So this brings me back to my question is Drogba finished. I think not. Drogba is 32 years old now. Although he might be going through a dry patch of uninspired form, Drogba remains one of the most lethal strikers Chelsea has ever had.

It is very common for pundits, fans and analysts to destructively criticise players who have built up for themselves fierce reputations at the slightest indication of trouble.

We have seen it with Ronaldinho and now we seen it with Drogba and i have come to believe that it part of the world class footballer package. One thing about football is that when you are in the valley, it cannot get any worse.

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney knows all too well how that feels. However what Drogba and Ronaldinho, Rooney are going through is only temporary.

A goal is all it takes to get such players back to inspired form. For some though, it would take much more than that however, a goal usually does the trick.

It is no lie that Drogba and Ronaldinho are not getting any younger. Should their current form persist, then i am sorry to say that they could just be nearing the end of their career. But this is just my opinion, what’s yours?

Photo credit: from tomysole