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Is Diego Milito Serie A’s Best Forward?

Graffiti of Diego Armando Maradona.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Diego_3336

Well he hasn’t earned the type of iconic image as this one did yet, but if you think Alberto Diego Milito isn’t the best Serie A forward then maybe you should go ask Real Zaragoza if they miss the Argentine star.  Milito left the La Liga squad two years ago ago and although they seeked a promotion back to the Primera Division a year ago they still wouldn’t mind having the man that scored over 50 Primera Division goals for them in his last three seasons. 

And since Milito has joined Serie A not much has changed in his life on the pitch.  The man scored 24 goals last season for Genoa and this year he already has 15 goals for Inter.  So in other words it seems the 30 year old is getting even better and just might be in his prime.  After all he might surpass 50 Serie A goals in less then two seasons in the league.

And with all the fabulous domestic players in Serie A I know it is hard to say Milito is the best.  In fact many would say that teammate Samuel Eto’o is even better then Milito.  And although Eto’o has better numbers over his career, you can’t compare him to Milito this season.  Milito has become the featured star of the champion’s lineup and if you watched the Champions League match against Chelsea a week back then you saw what the guy can do with limited space.

Milito is a classic goal score with excellent finishing ability.  He has good size, decent speed, and a strong foot.  With Zlatan Ibrahimovic gone it seems like the torch has officially been passed over to Diego Milito. 

 And that is no ordinary honor.