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Is Buffon Leaving the Room?

Gianluigi BuffonJuventus keeper and Italy national team star Gianluigi Buffon might not be back to Serie A next season.  The loss would be huge for a league that has lost several other huge players in the last few years including Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Kaka after last season.  Buffon is considered by most critics one of the three best in the world in his position.  The Italian is well known for his brilliant run in the 2006 World Cup in Germany which saw his side dominate offenses and allowing few goals in the tournament.

So where would a superstar keeper go to if he was to leave Serie A?  Well the easiest answer would be Manchester.

It appears that both teams in Manchester, England greatly desire the Italian’s legends services.  Manchester City has the edge on the issue of money.  The club is throwing around the stuff like it grows on trees.  But one question mark will be whether or not the organization is able to achieve a top four finish.  That will likely decide many superstars opinion on where to go.  Also the fact that Mancini may or may not be back next year makes it a little bit more complicated. 

At Man U Buffon would be the perfect fit.  Van der Saar is wrapping up his career and only has one more year left on his deal.  Buffon would replace a fantastic, aging keeper and the Dutchman would be great insurance next season as a backup before he retires.  But the one snag in the deal is that if it becomes strictly a bidding war then Man City will likely win.  One rumor that is beginning to circulate is that Nemanja Vidic (the best defender in the EPL) might be worthy of a transfer for the keeper.  Vidic is an extremely valuable part of Man U’s back line and with Ferdinand struggling a bit this year, I think you need to try to hold onto the guy.

But Buffon is likely leaving the room.  And Manchester appears to be the likely destination for the Italian wall.   

The only question left I guess is which Manchester?

Creative Commons License photo credit: dphuonq