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Inzaghi Eyes April Come Back

A positive news arrives from Ac Milan’s long time injured veteran striker, Fillipo Inzaghi, as the attacker who was sentenced to stay out from the pitch for the entire season might actually return into the pitch soon. The possibility was revealed by the striker himself in a latest interview stating that his condition is improving at the moment and if things works out well, the 37-years-old is eying to get back in action in April, just in time for the crunch months of the Scudetto challenge.

However, not trying to provide any false hopes for some of his fans, Pippo, added that although he has the chance to play again next month, everything will depends a lot on his fitness condition as the player won’t return if he is not felling 100%. Considering the seriousness of his injury and also his age, the player doesn’t want to make a wrong decision as one small problem could pretty much ended his career right away, something that he hasn’t plan in doing yet at the moment.

“I am fine, My knee is better. I hope to be back on the pitch next month. I have a great desire to play and give my contribution for the Scudetto, but I’ll only return when I’m 100 per cent. I don’t want to rush back if I am not better, Inzaghi stated. “I want to return and be the same Inzaghi as before.”

Aside from revealing his plan to get back on the pitch and helps his team’s Scudetto challenge, Inzaghi also stated about his future plan after he decided to end his playing career. Speaking to the press, the veteran striker stated that he is considering a coaching job, but the 37-years-old somehow isn’t convinced yet with that plan as he claims to be a very emotional man that could easily get angry if he becomes a tactician.

I still have a lot of desire to play. I don’t know if one day I would like to become a Coach. I could, but I am afraid I’d get angry too much

The Italian international picked up a knee injury few months ago, leaving his season under threat as previous reports claim that he might not be able to play again in the remaining campaign and probably have to wait for the next summer. However, recently his name is being missed by many especially after Milan crashing out of the Champions League, a competition that’s well known as Inzaghi’s goal source as he has lots of experience in becoming a match winner in important matches.

His return in the dying stage of the competition could give a little mental boost for the team as his presence could lift the confidence of the Rossoneri players especially their strikers that have recently been receiving lots of criticism. Unfortunately there are still no exact dates on when Pippo might possibly return to at least be at Milan’s bench again, as April is already close and early on that month Milan will be playing in the Derby, which might be a good place for the veteran to at least support his teammates from the dug out.