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Inter v. Barca Showdown

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009 Inter and Barca face off in a week for a spot in the Champion’s League Finals and now the competition is getting tight.  I FULLY expect this to be a great set of matches between two very strong teams who have alot to gain and even more to lose.

For Inter alot of what they carry is the reputation of Italian Soccer.  They haven’t fared well this year in international competition and a win in the Champion’s League would help bolster to proud Italians.  It’s a different pull than that of the French because the French are seen as “second class” in many Soccer circles.  Italy just needs to live up to its potential.

On the other side, Barca carries the world’s best player–Leo Messi–and alot of expectation.  They can easily win the Spanish Premier Division AND the Champion’s League before sending off Messi to try and bring glory to Argentina in the World Cup.  For Barca–there’s alot on the line.

The expectations are high on the coast and I don’t think anyone is picking against Barca at this point in the year–I know I’m not.

So, what is to be lost?  Momentum.  Barca is already the defending European Champion and could win a second-straight title AND set up a scenario where they have enough momentum to win multiple consecutive titles for themselves.

Losing that momentum would make last year’s title–though special–seem less important.  They would have to rebuild their momentum and start all over again AND watch Real Madrid spend like crazy.

The Yankees eventually learned how to win with all that money and Madrid might as well.  However, if Barca puts their foot down now things will get alot easier.

I’m taking Barca in this set, but it will be close–especially the first match where they will need to test each other out.

Barca-2   Inter-1

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Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax