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Inter, There is No Easy Way Out

Creative Commons License photo credit: pwbaker

Inter took a 1-0 lead over CSKA Moscow heading into the second leg, but the lead is a narrow one and they will have to face their Russian opposition away for the second leg set to be played today.  And the situation that the Italian squad is facing reminds me of one of the greatest sports movies ever created.  In Rocky IV Ivan Drago faces our hero in an exhibition match in Russia as well. 

But of course Rocky was the underdog of that fight considering Drago had already slaughtered his best friend in the ring.  And Inter is no underdog here.  But then again an away match is an away match and one goal is easy to recover from.  If Inter doesn’t remained focused on their surprising opponent then they might just suffer the same fate as many others.  But to tell you the truth I think Inter’s recent form in league play should make them humble and focused on this match alone. 

It is essentially a must win for the lone Italian squad left in the tournament because nothing is a guarantee in league play right now.  Also is is likely their only hope of keeping Mourinho next season.  But now I’m getting ahead of myself again.  The most important thing for Inter is today in Russia.

It’s the biggerst match of the season to date and it by all implications can define their season.  In other words it is a lot like a heavyweight fight between two worthy opponents. 

In other words their is no easy way out.