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Inter, The Counting Begins

thumbs upInter Milan is chasing history this year and this May they might be able to do something that has never been done in Italy before.  The treble.

It was just achieved a year ago for the first time in Spain and now it looks like Italy might have their first as well.  That would mean that Samuel Eto’o would have played for two different treble winners in two straight seasons.  A feat that has obviously never been accomplished by any single player in the history of European football.

But we can’t count the trophies until they are properly earned.

Well so far one for one with a Coppa Italia victory over Roma a week back.  Alberto Diego Milito secured the victory with a goal in the fortieth minute.  The trophy will be likely be the first of at least two this season, but the chance for a triple is definitely there.

In fact Inter has to be considered the favorite for their two remaining titles and that means the pressure is piling on the Italian squad.  Of course it has to when you consider the fact that no Italian team has ever accomplished what Inter is so close to achieving.

The squad still needs a few more victories to guarantee the Serie A title and Bayern Munich stands in the way of winning the Champions League, but Inter is reminding the world that Italian football still produces an elite product. 

And that is an important lesson that the rest of the world needs to respect. 

Two more to go boys.  This could be quite a May to remember for Mourinho’s boys.

Creative Commons License photo credit: joeltelling