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Inter President Expects Sneijder To Reach New Deal

Inter president Massimo Morrati recently made headlines for his comedic statements regarding interests in transferring for FIFA Player of the Year Lionel Messi of Barcelona, but the Italian official was extremely serious earlier today when he said that he expects Wesley Sneijder to resign with the club later this week.

Last week it was reported on Thursday that Sneijder had turned down a new deal with the Italian treble winners making many critics speculate that Sneijder could be headed to Manchester United on a $30 million euro transfer, but Moratti claimed that those rumors of a transfer are untrue and the president of the Serie A powerhouse also seems to think that the offer was turned down temporarily and he believes that Sneijder will resign as early as the end of this week with his side.

Sneijder still has two and a half years left on his current deal and the attacking midfielder was just transferred over from Real Madrid last summer in a deal that saw Inter go on to win the treble and saw his former side not win a single trophy. Rumors have also linked Inter to a potential deal with injured Los Blanco star Kaka, who was supposed to replace Sneijder’s position on the pitch for the Spanish club.

No word from Sneijder on if what Moratti is saying is correct, but considering they are supposedly close to finalizing a new deal nearly three years prior to the current one running out I’d say that Inter is in good shape to retain a young twenty six year old who squashed rumors of a transfer back to Real Madrid this summer and claimed that he desired a long term stay at Inter.

No deal is in place yet, but the news is not good for fans of Manchester United who are believed to be joining the small list of big spenders this summer.