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Inter Preparing For A Rafalution

The decision has finally been made, after a fantastic year of success, Inter Milan will need to rebuild again at least from the tactical point of view as the treble winners have officially sign Rafael Benitez as Jose Mourinho’s successor. This changes, whether Inter’s faithful likes it or not would definitely bring another new dimension on the club’s future, especially with the fact Rafa, despite being a tactical coach just like Mourinho, still has his own style which need a different surrounding to work well.

Another confirmation that there will be changes for Inter is the latest statement from their president, Massimo Moratti, who is quoted saying to the press that they need to at least sacrifice a player for Benitez’s “Rafalution”.

“If I were to think as a fan, then obviously I would say the right thing was to retain the squad in its entirety, However, as I must make some business evaluations too, we’ll certainly sacrifice at least one player. It has to be done. “ Moratti said.

That statement is pretty much confirming the rumors saying that the Spanish born coach wants to bring some of his favorite boys at Anfield such as Mascherano, Kuyt, or even Torres. Personally I think Mascherano would be the most possible option for Benitez to take from Liverpool, not just because the good relationship between the two but also because there haven’t been many interest for the Argentinian international lately which makes him an easier target for Rafa.

Kuyt is actually has a strong chance as well, but there are many objections from the fans that maybe could be important factor to dismiss the deal. Meanwhile, on Torres, well my doubts on his chances in following Benitez comes from the offers that he’s getting from rich clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City. However, I believe the future of Torres or Gerrard would be decided after the world cup and also when there’s a clarity about Liverpool’s future as both of them seems to “love” playing there.

Overall, I feel that there will be a unique atmosphere next season in serie A, as both three big teams is making a big change which could turn out well or the opposite. Inter even though they have a strong core, but there will be a fundamental changes that will set them into a new face although the mentality should still be there. I’m surely looking forward on what will Rafalution bring to Inter, another classic 4-4-2 that he likes to deploy at Valencia or the latest 4-2-3-1 he recently did with pool, personally I believe he will fist try to deploy his favorite 4-4-2 as he loves to play with wingers a lot, so Inter fans just prepare yourself for a curious season ahead.