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Inter Playing ‘Hard Ball’

Non vinciamo maaaaiiiiiii.... :PNo clubs in the world would wanna lose their assets easily especially when they can get a lot from them, this method seems to be an appropriate picture of what Inter Milan are trying to get from the interest some clubs have on their players. Last season treble winners are currently playing hard ball with both Real Madrid and Manchester City which are interested in acquiring the Nerazzuri talents, the first are interested in Douglas Maicon while the latter have their eyes set for Mario Balotelli.

Uniquely reports stated that the deal for those players are already at an advanced stages with the fact everything seems certain and set to go, however lately things went to a stall due to some economical budgets. Both Madrid and City are finding Inter as a tough negotiator as the Nerazzuri doesn’t seem to budge from their price tag which are being consider too high for the two big budget clubs, however the negotiations are reportedly still alive as the Italian giant doesn’t really mind in letting Maicon and Balotelli go.

Regarding the Brazilian right back’s deal, reports claim that Madrid still refuse to pay the 30 million Euro Inter wants and have already send a take it or leave it offer worth 22 million Euro to the treble winner club, which is still being considered. Not only that, the Spanish giant also having an issue with Maicon’s wage request which is also being considered to high for the Galacticos that doesn’t think the 29-years-old 7 Million a year request is acceptable.

Meanwhile, regarding Balotelli’s transfer saga, things does look a bit clearer as Manchester City seems to be the most likely destination for the highly rated young striker although just as Maicon, both teams still don’t have an agreement on the transfer fee. The media claim that City have already made a 25 Million Euro offer to Inter but the Nerazzuri seems to want more money for their precious Italian under-21 star, who is highly rated despite his bad attitude.

This playing the hard ball thing have caused an issue as both City and Madrid reportedly are a bit upset with Inter Milan’s attitude in trying to get too much money for their players, especially knowing the financial power those two teams have. The premier league team’s manager, Roberto Mancini, was the one who shouted his frustration to the press with how Inter seems eager to get as much as they can from his club.

“The problem is that when clubs know that it is Manchester City they are dealing with the prices going up. We have bought three good players already. But now Inter, for example, are asking a lot of money for Mario Balotelli and we want to wait.” Mancini said to the press.

However, nothing is concrete as just yet as both Madrid and City doesn’t seem to give up yet in their course to acquire their targets and opted to wait and keep negotiating with Inter. In the end we will soon find out how long will the Nerazzuri’s tough act last, would they opted to keep their players or finally soften up and somehow work out an agreement to release both Maicon and Balotelli.

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax