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Inter Officialy Ends Relationship With Benitez

After series of talk earlier the decision has finally been made, Inter Milan have officially ends their working relationship with their summer signing coach, Rafael Benitez, after both parties agreed all of the terms.

The formality of the decision broke directly from Inter’s official site stating that both the club and Benitez have agreed in parting ways and also thanked each others for the short experience that they had in the competition this season.

“F.C. Internazionale and Rafael Benitez wish to convey that, together and with mutual satisfaction, they have reached an agreement for the early cancellation of their working partnership.
F.C. Internazionale would like to thank Rafael Benitez for his work in charge of the team, which he guided to success in the Italian League Super Cup and in the FIFA Club World Cup.
Rafael Benitez would like to thank F.C. Internazionale for the important professional experience and for the victories achieved together,” read the statement from Inter’s website.

This decision also confirmed series of speculation that have been storming in the past few days about Benitez’s future after the coach made a harsh statement right after taking Inter winning the Club World Cup in Dubai, last week. During an interview after the victory, the former Liverpool’s coach criticize the Nerazzurri’s management and finally asking them to give more support especially getting some new players in January plus threating to quit if that wishes isn’t being accomodated.

The harsh ultimatum obviously hurt Moratti as despite whether what Benitez said was true, that kind of talk should be talked first inside the management team before being exposed to the media. In terms of work ethic, what the Spaniard has done is surely something that can’t really be tolerate as his words sounded arrogant and showed lack of respect towards the people who employed him. Moreover, the timing of the statement isn’t actually perfect as the team are still celebrating their famous victory in the Club World Cub.

The former Liverpool coach can actually blame himself for the sacking as despite his career was already under threat before the Club World Cup, the victory on the tournament might actually ressurect his career at least for a while. However, his emotional statement seemed to once again ruin his coaching career as after being dismissed from Liverpool in a rather similar process, his adding another bad mark on his CV with this short stint at Inter.

From the start of his coaching reign, there’s have been so many worries regarding the Spaniard’s selection in place of Jose Mourinho, who moved to Real Madrid, as the former Valencia’s tactician hasn’t had a good few last seasons in England. Benitez was just fresh from being dismissed by Liverpool before being appointed as Inter’s coach, oddly the Nerazzurri’s management never seemed to trust him 100% as he was never really given transfer budget like what he usually had in his previous coaching career.

This different managerial method that Benitez experienced seemed to be the one of the main reasons he erupted right after his success in taking the World Club Cup title. The Spaniard did blabber a lot about how he was hoping for more control over the transfer policy and everything regarding the players in the club. However, everything has ended now and with both parties already excepting the decision there’s no more holding back as another new era at Inter will start again in January.

Rumors strongly linked the Nerazzurri with a surprising candidate which is last season’s Ac Milan’s manager, Leonardo, who might actually be more than a gamble for Moratti’s team. Despite having a quite good season with Milan, the young coach is still very new in this kind of stressful work not to mention his strong attachment with Inter’s bitter rival making the decision looked odd indeed.