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Inter Officially Ends Courtship With Gasperini

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009Just as it was strongly predicted, Gian Piero Gasperini’s courtship with Inter Milan finally meet its end soon after the Nerazzurri suffered a disappointing 3-1 defeat against newly promoted side, Novara on Tuesday night.

The official confirmation of Gasperini’s axing was revealed by the club’s official site, stating that temporarily Daniele Bernazzani and Giuseppe Baresi are in charge of the team’s training session until the new coach arrives.

“F.C. Internazionale announces that this morning’s training session at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile was run by Daniele Bernazzani and Giuseppe Baresi. The Club would like to thank Gian Piero Gasperini for the dedication he has shown in his work and regret having to end the relationship with the coach,” read an official statement at Inter’s official site.

The decision isn’t actually a surprising one since there have been some disagreement mauling from the club’s management and Gasperini regarding the tactics being employed into the Nerazzurri, as the ex-Genoa coach are very persistent in keeping his 3-4-3 method. Poor results that the club had in all of their official matches until now also put the pressure really high on the new coach as after only the third match in Serie A, the fashion capital side already decided to sack the 53-years-old tactician.

Inter have yet to win any of their official matches under Gasperini, with the current best result was picking up a home draw against As Roma in the league last Saturday, other than that, all of the Nerazzurri matches have ended up in a defeat. This condition obviously enraged the fans and also gave the media a chance to give strong pressure on the fashion capital side’s management, who already being considered making poor decisions in the market by selling Samuel Eto’o.

Despite the fact that the decision to sack Gasperini might pretty much something unavoidable, but it kinda shows again the hastiness of Inter’s management especially in picking up the tacticians after Jose Mourinho’s departure. Since the Portuguese coach left the club, the Nerazzurri have now used and sacked three coaches in less than two seasons, obviously not an ideal solution in trying to build a very strong squad that can compete in Italy and Europe.

After Gasperini’s departure, now people will be highly anticipating on the next man that Inter’s management picks to guide the team from the bench as a hasty decision could really destroyed their credibility this season. Rumors that are circulating are strongly linking the Nerazzurri with the likes of Dellio Rossi, Quique Sanchez Flores and Claudio Ranieri, with the latter reportedly become the current favorite to carry on the project from Gasperini.


Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax