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Inter Milan Up For Sale

It seems like things are not as perfect at Inter as we all thought they were. Inter President and owner Massimo Moratti might be forced to sell the club if  a case in which Inter are accused of designating match referees goes public. And you wonder why Jose Mourinho is not a happy man.

It will be case of de javu for Moratti if he bows to the pressure. Moratti watched his father Angelo Moratti sell ‘ La Grande Inter’ back in the 1960s due to pressure from the press. Angelo as he was fondly referred to then struggled to build a winning Inter side when he took over in 1955.

It was not until 5 years later that he begun to see the results of his hard work. Now more than 40 years later, his son Massimo, who was always by his side when they traveled to watch away matches is considering a decision that would change the face of Italian football drastically.

If Inter’s case with the Calciopoli explodes , Moratti would be forced to step down and may be even sell the club. In spite of these revelations, Inter can still  end the season as champions of Italy and Europe. The Nerazzurri are on course to win three trophies which will no doubt bring flooding memories back to current president Massimo.

Phot credit: from ahmed khatam – interisti