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Inter Milan Considers Alonso Swap For Maicon

Il biscione e l'fc internazionaleIt’s no secret that the possibilities of Inter Milan keeping Douglas Maicon next season are very slim as the players himself has already revealed his wish to play for Real Madrid next season. However, despite ready to part ways with the Brazilian international, it seems that Inter doesn’t want to loose one of their best player without getting something rewarding. Report said that due to the persistence of both parties in setting up their offer, Inter have offered another solution to reduce the gap between Madrid’s offer and Inter’s demand which is by asking a player from Los Blancos.

The player that’s has been rumored being asked by Inter is Spanish’ international Xabi Alonso, who was known as one of Rafael Benitez’s favorite players at Anfield despite having a fall out during Xabi’s last season at the Pool. Italian paper suggested that Benitez plans to ask for half of Alonso contract, which worth around 6 million Euro, for next season. This amount would be more than enough to cover up the gap between Madrid’s 25 Million offer to Inter’s 28 Million asking price for Maicon.

Should this happens then Inter would have Alonso next summer and if things works well they could buy out the rest of his contract the season after, that would be a nice deal for them. However, this kind of scenario is very doubtful as not only that co-ownership deal between two foreign clubs is pretty rare, the idea of Madrid letting the Spanish midfielder leave after just one season is beyond me. Although nothing is impossible, still it would be something unlikely unless the Italian giant also added some amount of cash into the deal I can’t see that kind of scenario possible.

Nevertheless after seeing how they manage to trade Ibra for Eto’o with Barcelona last season without cashing out any single penny to the deal, Inter might still manage to pull of even the most unlikely of scenario. Although personally I think that the Maicon deal would probably be settled by cash only, with Madrid adding a bit more cash that would reach the amount that the Italian wanted or just 1-2 million less than the asking price.

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax