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Inter Lose To Catania

Italian giants Inter Milan are going through a dry spell in the Serie A that has seen them pick up only 3 points from their last 5 league games. In fact, things are so bad for the Nerazzurri that yesterday’s loss has left them only 1 point above the bottom 3.

This latest loss will only put more pressure to coach Claudio Ranieri who is looking to make a positive come back to coaching in the league after less than perfect stint with AS Roma . Despite taking the lead in the 6th minute through Estaban Cambiasso, Inter were stunned when Catania scored 2 quick goals which seemed to be all they needed to condemn Inter to their second straight league loss.

The win did not only do a lot to the team, but it  also too some pressure off Vincenzo Montella. Catania are now up to 6th place in the league. Here is what Montella had to say after the match:

“For me it is a source of great pride to play a game open against Visa a great team: we have tried to make the game easily. In the event that we had been more cynical we could round the result and close it first. Do I have to congratulate my boys for having put at my disposal and also have room for major improvement. ”

Of course, the only thing this result will do is turn the spotlight brightly on Inter. Very many questions will undoubtedly be asked, with a majority of fans being eager to know whether the club was right in selling its out and out striker Samuel Eto’o.

In my opinion, Samuel Eto’o’s exist has nothing to do with the poor string of results that Inter are getting. The problem lies with the frequent changing of their coaches.

Under Leonardo, Inter was playing good football and getting consistent results and their failure to retain him (much like with city rivals Milan), was their major undoing.

In just 1 year, Inter have had 4 coaches! Now, from that statistic, it isn’t hard to figure out why they are on a losing streak. After winning the league 5 years straight, so much is expected from the team that it is almost impossible to think they can be relegated.

In fact, things are so bad, that Eto’o is considering returning to the club on loan in January to try and help the club through this nightmare. This  is definitely a good gesture, but Inter need immediate results before the end of the year if they are to win the title.

Photo credit © theseoduke