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Inter is the Last of the Italian Champions

zlatanAC Milan couldn’t hang with Manchester United.  Leonardo’s squad was embarrassed 4-0 at Old Trafford earlier in the week.  Fiorentina suffered a similar fate in their battle with Bayern Munich when Robben fired a laser into the corner of the net from beyond the box in the second half.  And that means Italy only has one representitive left in the UEFA Champions League.

Inter is the best club in Italy so it is only fitting that the boys are the only one’s left in Serie A with a shot, but if Mourinho’s side can’t manage a victory or a draw against Chelsea next week then it might mean that no Serie A squad will be represented in the quarterfinals.  And this is a serious problem.

Sure no Italian team was given a break this year.  Playing Bayern Munich, Man U, and Chelsea in the knockout round guarantees that your league will struggle this season in the biggest league tournament in the world.  And especially considering the fact that Serie A football has become a bit wattered down and is no longer as powerful as they have been in previous years.

But if Inter can advance past Chelsea then anything is possible.  After all both of these teams are probably among the five strongest squads in the world.  So whoever wins this battle will not have to worry about a powerhouse squad anymore.  And as I’ve said before Inter is the perfect team to pull off such a feat,  They have a fantastic coach, an excellent keeper, and a strong attacking game as well.

The ball is in Inter’s court now.  Lets see what they can do about it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: maurobrock