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Inter Is One Step Closer to Coppa Italia Final

Italia - Georgia a Marassi
Creative Commons License photo credit: Cebete

Inter was the winners of the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final against Fiorentina 1-0.  Before the season began many critics thought that these two clubs would meet in the semi-final, but with Fiorentina’s poor form recently in league play nobody thought that the two clubs would be so far apart on the group table at this point in the season.  Inter currently has an 18 point lead over the regular top four club and the defending champs look to win all three major trophies this season (although the champions League will be a tough draw against Chelsea).   

One thing for sure is that with Fiorentina’s recent form most critics thought this semi-final against Inter might get a little bit out of hand.  Nobody thought that it would be as close a match as the first leg was, especially considering Inter was hosting the eleventh place squad, but after just one leg it is still anyones spot in the final.  Fiorentina was able to hold Inter to one goal thanks to excellent play in the net from Sebastien Frey.  Frey made two or three game saving plays that kept the score down.  And the one goal scored by Milito was basically impossible to stop.  Balotelli dished the ball at the perfect time and the Argentine striker did what he does best… finish the ball into the back of the net.

Unfortunately, Fiorentina was unable to capilize off of the great effort from Frey and never really came that close to scoring, but they will have a home leg coming up shorty in which they can redeem themselves and possibly move onto the Coppa Italia final.