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Inter Insisting On Keeping Sneijder

Quel simpaticone di WesleyHaving constantly linked of soon to be losing one of their star midfielder, Wesley Sneijder, seems to irritate Inter Milan a bit as ahead of their upcoming Italian Super Cup tie, the Nerazzurri’s director, Ernesto Paolillo, insisted that his club has no intention in selling the Dutchman.

Paolillo stated that the recent rumors spreading widely especially from the media in England linking Sneijder with a move to Manchester United is not true at all as the director confirmed that the Beneamatta aren’t preparing to part ways with the ex-Real Madrid player.

Sneijder is an integral part of our squad. A lot of what you read in the newspapers about this situation doesn’t correspond with reality,” Paolillo confirmed. When it comes to Sneijder, it is our full intention that he stay here with us.”

Paolillo’s statement actually seems in the same wavelength as Man United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who keeps saying that Sneider’s deal is far away from what the media have been rumoring in this last few weeks. Surely the words from Inter’s director, could calmed down the fans’ tension as most of the Nerazzurri tifosi are not actually keen with rumors about their Dutch hero’s potential departure to the Premier league.

However, this statement probably won’t affect the rumors mongers, who have already claimed that the upcoming Italian Super Cup clash against Ac Milan will be Sneijder’s last game with Inter since a deal have actually been struck. Surely, the real wait would be until the transfer market ends, so it seems the fans must hold their seat tight until September 1 to see whether the Dutch international would still be wearing a black and bluer jersey or already changing into a red one.
Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale