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Inter Hunts For Balotelli’s Replacement?

Inter 3 Bologna 0The rumors regarding Inter Milan’s young striker, Mario Balotelli, keeps on flooding as the Italian media suggested that the 20-years-old player would most likely move to other clubs next summer. Despite the denial made by Inter’s director, Marco Branca, the press are pretty much certain that it would be hard for the treble winning club to keep the troubled player because of his attitude last season.

The latest reports coming from the papers reveals that Inter are already lining up some names to replace Balotelli, some of the players that reportedly will be targeted by Rafael Benitez are, Dirk Kuyy and Giuseppe Rossi. As many football fans may know, Benitez admires the quality of Kuyt, who was one of his favorite players at Liverpool, and looks keen on getting his services at Inter alongside Javier Mascherano.

Meanwhile, as for the possibilities of signing Rossi, the media seems to connect the scenario with the player’s previous statement about his hope of returning to Serie A. However, should the Nerazzuri are interested in signing the young Italian international, they would probably need to compete with the likes of Juventus and Ac Milan, the two clubs that the 23-years-old supposedly prefer.

Judging by Inter’s record in buying players, I would highly doubt that they are looking for Rossi to replace Balo as the the Nerazzuri hardly buys talented Italian players this days, not saying that they wouldn’t but the fact suggested otherwise. So should Balotelli really leaves, there would be a bigger chance for Kuyt to come instead of the former Manchester United youngster, after all it it’s better to purchase a player that the coach wants rather than getting someone that the management think would be suitable for team.

However, the real issue is would Balotelli really leaves? Personally I think that it would be a very possible thing as after what happened last season it looks like things has gone bad for the young striker to continue playing at Inter. There’s a possibilities that everything might change this season, but with the fact the Nerazzurri might need to balance their expenses, should the right offer comes I’m sure Moratti won’t hesitate in selling.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale