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Inter Doesn’t Play “Anti-Football”

San Siro - derby di championsLast year’s treble winners are currently being overlooked. Serie A side Inter Milan didn’t make many transfer moves this summer and the defending champions from last year head into this season with many critics claiming that they are no longer the best Serie A side in the league due to the huge moves recently made at AC Milan.

But the side also lost few key players this summer (but they did lose their brilliant coach) and head into this season with basically the same starting eleven that saw great success last season. But even last year few picked the Italian side to beat EPL double winners Chelsea or La Liga giants and former treble winners Barcelona. And this season many critics claim that the club plays “anti-football” and lacks the offensive pizazz to remain in matches with other elite sides around the world.    

Well Esteban Cambiasso finds the notion of Inter being strictly a defensive club insulting and recently told Gazzetta dello Sport that despite his side not being as stylish or offensively gifted as Barcelona, they still are capable of producing excellent offensive efforts:

Everyone who plays football would like to play like Barcelona or Spain, who focus on possession and spectacle, but it’s not true that in Italy, and specifically Inter, we defend and do nothing else. You cannot win every trophy available by just sitting there waiting for your opponents. We know when it’s the right moment to attack and the moment to defend.

And Cambiasso is exactly right. Although Inter’s side may be more defensively-oriented then most, they still possess plenty of quality offensive firepower that is capable of repeating wonderful achievements this season. Just because they happen to be one of the best defensive squads in the world doesn’t mean that they cannot score when needed.

And this season with a new manager, Inter looks to prove all the critics wrong once again. 

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax