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Inter Clinch Their First Trophy

I guess by now you know that Inter Milan won the TIM trophy after beating fellow rivals Juventus 1-0 and Milan 3-2 on penalties, however, what you may not know is just how much winning this trophy means for all these clubs.

Inter Milan are coming out of a luke warm pre-season tour in the United states that left a good number of their fans skeptical about their chances of repeating the treble this season.

The Nerazzurri however, showed that when it comes to Italian football, no other team can compare to them. The TIM trophy is a good indication to all Inter fans that the Nerazzurri’s main title rivals Milan and Juventus will not be such a big problem when the league kicks-off.

For both Juve and Milan fans their losses simply proves that things are not working right. To make it worse for both clubs, Inter’s Esteban Cambiasso stated that no improvement has been made by the two clubs since last season.

Ouch! That is especially hard to take in if you do support either of the two teams. Yeah sure you might argue that this is only a pre-season trophy with little or no impact or indication on how these teams will perform once the season gets underway, however, with the league’s competitiveness on an upward trend, this could potentially send out the wrong message to the other teams.

“Have AC Milan and Juventus improved? I think not,”

“There is still a gap; tonight we were winning the derby with a lot of kids on the field.”

Does Inter have what it takes to win the scudetto this season? yes, however it will not be an easy affair. Maybe Milan and Juventus do not pose the usual threat we all know them for, however, we cannot underestimate Napoli, Fiorentina, Roma, Sampdoria and Palermo.

Inter’s Dutch play maker Wesley Sneijder also spoke about Inter’s victory saying that they did not underestimate both Juventus and Milan.

“Milan? Still fearful; we are aware of our strengths but we do not snub anyone.”

Allegri and Del Neri have their work cut out for them ahead of the seasons opening fixtures on the weekend of 28th/29th of this month. I sincerely hope that by then, they would have at least major some major improvements to their squads to make this a year to remember for Serie A fans.

Photo credit: from tore2003